Anytime You Like

You are the groove no one dances to 

But I feel you.

Closed eyes

Making the wheels of my shoulders roll

On an invisible track

On and on.

On and on.

On and-

Spinning circles cut

And I’m always drummed out of time.

So swing low

And I’ll stay true

Anytime you like.


Always Welcome

The rain has finally come. The lights flicker on and keep burning throughout the day. They battle against the thickening mist, clearing the way.

I never thought I would find comfort in hovering dark clouds. The smell of earth fills my head and I just know it’s going to be a good day.

Saturn’s Call

Saturn is calling 

With a backpack promise 

of eternal rings and remembered things.

Night is falling

And he is calling

A name that is not mine.

Two overshadowed would stay in the shadows-

That, I don’t mind.

But Saturn is calling

For a spring lover

A sun-soaker

A blue-eyed blaze.

A pity

I was doomed from the start.

I. From Gabriel to Bathsheba

She wasn’t the girl I hoped for.

Not the kind to fall

head first

for rosy promises

of land and protection.

She was weary


and she was beautiful.

Her rejection made sweet

by her smile

easily turning water into wine.

A dangerous thing, intoxicating.

My only choice was

to put my foot

in front of the other

away from her.

Inspired from the film Far From the Madding Crowd (2015).

A Day At The Beach

I remember the smell of salty seas,
A heady mixture of east and west
Travelling up and down my crinkled nose.
Back then, I was still the same as I am now.
I felt. I saw.
The heat didn’t come down as hard as it usually did
For I remember that gentle breeze
Brushing the sun off my skin.
I held tightly onto my father’s young hand as he walked,
As I dawdled,
Towards the crashing of white and blue.