There She Is

There she is

Her voice echoes loudly

in the dark midnight hour

It lingers in my mind

that voice of the night

It paints a time of youthfulness

warmth and a sudden betrayal

But the sound of her

a smooth, familiar melody

one that I used to sing

gladly and hungrily

tears me apart

all over again.


Lost My Head There

They burn my tongue.

The words that I should have said

sit in my mouth like red hot flickers.

I pick the inbetweens of teeth,

cleaning out the remnants

of stale moments between us.

They cling incessantly,


the way clouds embrace mountain tops,

cold and blinding.

All I can do is stay

where the earth wraps around my feet,

where only a certain touch can save me.

But some memories are nightmarish

they suffocate

like smoke from a freshly watered fire.

And that’s what you are,

a suffocater,

a killer of reason.

Or was it always me?

I made your hand fit mine,

but I’m neither sculptor or God,

so everything was bound

to crack and fall apart.

I make a habit of keeping my cards close

but it is a wonder

that you keep yours out of sight.

Is that what got me?

The wonder of you,

something that was never meant

to be mine.