One Evening

In the distance

A swirl of spark and cloud rules the dusking sky.

Over the Autumn grass and the stagnant pools

Lingers a smothering air

That sticks to skin

Sticks to bone

And sticks to soul.


Sometimes silence is the only thing required

To soothe the aching

And to understand the runaway heart.

Soft eyes

And the silent mouth will

Be enough to lift

The heavy weight of loneliness.


The Stroke – A Series

A surge of warmth

One that I had not felt for a time

Started at the tips of my fingers

When you first held my hand.

A moment longer and I

Starry-eyed and blushed

Would have given you my name

And in time

My heart.

There She Is

There she is

Her voice echoes loudly

in the dark midnight hour

It lingers in my mind

that voice of the night

It paints a time of youthfulness

warmth and a sudden betrayal

But the sound of her

a smooth, familiar melody

one that I used to sing

gladly and hungrily

tears me apart

all over again.

Lost My Head There

They burn my tongue.

The words that I should have said

sit in my mouth like red hot flickers.

I pick the inbetweens of teeth,

cleaning out the remnants

of stale moments between us.

They cling incessantly,


the way clouds embrace mountain tops,

cold and blinding.

All I can do is stay

where the earth wraps around my feet,

where only a certain touch can save me.

But some memories are nightmarish

they suffocate

like smoke from a freshly watered fire.

And that’s what you are,

a suffocater,

a killer of reason.

Or was it always me?

I made your hand fit mine,

but I’m neither sculptor or God,

so everything was bound

to crack and fall apart.

I make a habit of keeping my cards close

but it is a wonder

that you keep yours out of sight.

Is that what got me?

The wonder of you,

something that was never meant

to be mine.

From Far Away 

When the talk comes to a halt

You sweep in

A Southern wind

Blinding me for seconds at a time.

My feet lose sight of the ground

And I tumble around

In black empty space.

I’m never quite ready

Always above the line

So the doors have stayed ajar.

I had a lock that I meant to use

A rope to seal it

Did I lose both along the way?

You always had a way of slipping through the cracks

It had to be you

Tormenting me from far away.

Anytime You Like

You are the groove no one dances to 

But I feel you.

Closed eyes

Making the wheels of my shoulders roll

On an invisible track

On and on.

On and on.

On and-

Spinning circles cut

And I’m always drummed out of time.

So swing low

And I’ll stay true

Anytime you like.

Always Welcome

The rain has finally come. The lights flicker on and keep burning throughout the day. They battle against the thickening mist, clearing the way.

I never thought I would find comfort in hovering dark clouds. The smell of earth fills my head and I just know it’s going to be a good day.